Lupins and fishes - a winner for Brett

EFFORTS TO put farmed fish on a diet of Australian feed grains (primarily lupins) has won young WA scientist Brett Glencross a prestigious science and innovation award sponsored by the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

Dr Glencross, who has been working towards boosting domestic markets and value adding of Australian grain, was one of 17 winners at the Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry Australia Science and Innovation Awards for Young People presented by Federal Minister Warren Truss at Parliament House, Canberra, in August.

Putting farmed fish on a grain diet is something Dr Glencross has been working on for a few years, not only to value-add the Australian feed grains industry, but to try to improve the sustainability of the emerging Australian aquaculture sector by finding a viable alternative to costly imported fish meal.

Using his award to travel to Tasmania, Dr Glencross plans to test the potential of a range of new lupin protein concentrates and isolates as feeds for Atlantic salmon, the fish behind one of Australia's and the world's largest aquaculture industries. If this preliminary work is successful it may pave the way for value-adding of feed