Stretching Triticale

Extending the range and flexibility of triticale through plant breeding is a current focus of the National Triticale Improvement Program. While most lines in the extensive breeding program are of mid-season maturity, selection of earlier and later maturing varieties is also a priority, according to University of Adelaide plant breeder Kath Cooper. "The release of varieties with these characteristics would extend the range where triticale can be grown," she says. "In the case of quick maturing varieties, it would also mean that growers could sow triticale if there is a late break and still have the potential for good yields. There is also a lot of interest in later-maturing varieties, principally from areas with long, cool growing seasons, such as in western Victoria and the south-east of SA, We hope to be able to confirm the release of a variety which is seven days earlier maturing than the widely grown variety Tahara by the end of this season."

Program 1

Contact: Dr Kath Cooper 08 8303 6563