Web site seeks 'off-label' pesticide input

A WEB site has been set up to help growers, farm advisers, agronomists, researchers and industry groups to identify 'off-label' pesticides they think should be registered.

The JAY 4 Project Team web site encourages growers and others associated with the grains industry to review the registration priority list and submit details of any pesticides or priority changes they think should be added.

Supported by growers and the Federal Government through the GRDC. JAY 4 builds upon the work of earlier projects, JAY 2 and JAY 3, towards providing the grains industry with a suite of registered pesticides that contribute to best management practices.

JAY 2 developed a list of 'off-label' pesticides considered essential for continued sustainable production of key crops and JAY 3 obtained National Registration Authority registration or use permits for identified 'high priority' pesticides.

The JAY 4 Project aims to review the priority list to ensure that it still reflects the needs of stakeholders. It will also continue to obtain permits or registration for nominated pesticides including medium and low priorities.

Ideas and suggestions for 'off-label' priorities should be posted on the JAY 4 Project web site at http://www.jayallgrains.com/

Enter the code grainchem to gain access to the chemical lists and suggestion box.

Program 3

Contact: Mr Jim Swain 02 9980 1460