What's in a 'value chain'?

What's in a 'value chain'?

DAVID MATTHEWS is one of many farmers involved in the grain supply chain beyond the farm gate.

In 1993, David and his wife, Sam, established the Wimmera Grain Company. Through the company they not only market their own crops, but also buy, process and export pulse crops from Victoria's Wimmera region.

A distinguishing feature is that the company strives to give growers as much information as possible about the customers and their requirements.

This reflects Mr Matthews' belief that the only way everybody along the supply chain can improve their returns is to increase the overall value to the consumer. "If we cooperate with each other, we can drive up the overall value and ensure that everybody increases profit. That is central to our approach."

It's all part of a steadily building 'Value Chain' movement across Australia as more and more growers expand their interests along the supply chain.