Want to start a farming systems group?

Guidelines for investment

For new groups considering applying to the GRDC for support, the following guidelines apply:

  • A vision of the project must be clearly explained and aligned to the relevant aims of the GRDC's Sustainable Farming Systems program.
  • Demonstrable commitment and leadership exist to undertake the project.
  • An analysis is conducted of previous R&D activities in the region and a baseline study is conducted which includes an assessment of the viability and sustainability of best practice farming systems.
  • The project will mesh with other regional strategies and State and Commonwealth initiatives.
  • Skills and expertise exist in the project team to apply a proven research methodology that encourages participation of stakeholders in the research process.
  • There is a commitment to project monitoring and evaluation against project objectives.
  • There is a commitment to communicate project results to defined target audiences and to encourage and promote the adoption of successful findings.