Partners in grain

Seen here, local young farmers Tony White, Ian Seymour and Richard Humphry discuss tramline technology after the Moora-Miling Pasture Improvement Field Day.

THE BENEFITS to the grain industry of increased participation from women and young men are a driving force behind efforts at a national level and in states like WA where support has been strong.

During 2002, the WA Partners in Grain project sponsored and conducted a range of activities, across the WA wheatbelt, to encourage the participation of women and young men. These events attracted from 10 to 450 people and included: Harvesting a Better Way for Office Work — Facey Group, Wickepin; Facing the Challenge field day — Liebe Group Women's Committee, Buntine; Great Southern Agricultural Bus Tour — Jerramungup, and Grains Drains and New Tech on the Plains — Piawaning Yerecoin LCDC.

Many of the events were jointly funded and involved industry partners. Chairperson of the WA project, Betty Heitman, said, "The sponsorship approach relieved many groups of the onerous task of fund-raising to run events, which allowed for a more enjoyable outcome for organisers and participants."

Sponsoring childcare and the entrance of women to the West Australian No-Till Farming Association field day, running small agronomy groups at field days for those with a different level of understanding, and just having the 'blokes' along to women's events encourages a partnership approach.

The WA project is managed by a reference group led by Morawa farmer Betty Heitman, together with Borden grower Kerry Moir, Marg Agnew, 'Cascades'; Merrie Carlshausen, Buntine; Lisa Wilson, AWB Limited; Linda Price, Grain Pool of WA; Tress Walmsley, WA Department of Agriculture; and coordinated by Vicki McAllister from the WA Department of Agriculture.

Contact Mrs Heitman, Ms McAllister or Ms Debbie Thiele, below, for a 2003 schedule of events.

Program 6 Contact: Mrs Betty Heitman 08 9971 6011 email Ms Debbie Thiele 08 8584 6571 email Ms Vicki McAllister 08 9956 8503 email

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