Mouse nous poll

A SURVEY of growers, farm advisers and agronomists is underway as a first step to better understanding and dealing with the threat to crops from mouse plagues.

The GRDC and Animal Control Technologies (ACT) are conducting the short survey in a number of graingrowing regions to find out what knowledge and experience farmers and advisers have of mouse plagues and of 'best practice' management to protect crops. The GRDC has contracted ACT to develop a series of extension materials that give farmers and agronomists a better understanding of mouse problems and ways to reduce their threats to crops.

The survey is the first step and will be repeated following the completion of the project. This will provide information to adapt, focus and improve the extension materials to meet the needs of graingrowers and help fill any information 'gaps'.

If you are a farmer/agronomist/state agency member in a graingrowing area of Australia and would like to be involved in this project, please contact Karen Pontin of Animal Control Technologies at or telephone 03 9308 9688.