What goes around comes around...

A DECADE ago Australian Grain study tourists were on an agricultural research station in Texas, USA. Their attention was drawn to a large gantry rusting away at the end of a field. This was all that was left of a bold project that was to have delivered a controlled-traffic solution to all farming tasks.

The US researchers extolled the merits of controlled traffic but lamented the many difficulties implementing their mechanised gantry solution. The study group was immediately impressed by the concept, but not the contraption. A number returned home determined to capture some of the benefits at a price somewhat less than that of a moon shot.

With ingenuity and determination these growers were at the developmental vanguard of an affordable and practical approach to controlled traffic.

A decade on and US ag machinery researchers and engineers are working with these growers in Australia on affordable refinements to existing gear. This will see machinery manufacturers better meet the controlled-traffic needs of growers in the US and around the world.

The world is a small place and it spends billions that countries don't have individually on ag research.

What goes around comes around!