Off-label input

Growers can help direct the efforts of the GRDC-supported JAY 4 Grains Registration Project in identifying and gaining permits for pesticides considered to be important for 'off-label' use with core crops. Since 2000, the JAY 4 group has worked through a list of candidate pesticides for 'off-label' use that industry considered essential for continued sustainable production. Working with industry bodies, agricultural chemical companies and the National Registration Authority (NRA), the JAY 4's predecessor, JAY 3, began obtaining NRA registration or use permits. The JAY 4 project will continue to obtain permits or registration for nominated pesticides. Growers can review and have an input to the group's activities by logging on to New requests or a request to reconsider a past action should be promptly submitted to Jim Swain on 02 9980 1460, with reference to corresponding chemical companies interested in having the use approved.

Contact: Mr Jim Swain 02 9980 1460