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Mungbean grading for quality.

MUNGBEAN GROWERS should be left in no doubt that they are in the business of producing human food following the release of a new marketing guide by the Australian Mungbean Association (AMA).

Published with the support of growers and the Federal Govevernment through the GRDC, Marketing Your Mungbeans: A Guide for Producers was released to accompany the AMA's second five-year strategic plan (see article this page).

The guide is part of a widely based campaign to build producer confidence in mungbean production and marketing and to enhance the international reputation of Australian mungbeans, according to AMA President, Brian Algate. Industry stakeholders at a workshop in Dalby last year agreed to produce the marketing guide after acknowledging that greater grower confidence was crucial to the industry increasing production to over 100,000 tonnes a year, Mr Algate said.

"The guide explains the strict hygiene requirements that make the mungbean crop unique and lists the issues that will lead registered processing establishments to discount payments to growers. These include soil contamination of grain, damaged grain caused by insects, weather, poor harvesting and handling or inadequate or non-aerated storage, uneven crop maturity and damage and/or contamination by carriers who do not understand the hygiene requirements."

Details of the sale process and the expenses growers can incur during marketing are also included in the guide.

Contact: Mr Brian Aigate 07 3341 4548