Stripe out

As 6,000 WA graingrowers prepare for their first full season with stripe rust, a computer-based tool is already helping evaluate management strategies to minimise its impact. Developed by Drs Moin Salam and Art Diggle, the eVariety Guide for Stripe Rust is an electronic matrix to estimate the financial ramifications of various management techniques under specific stripe rust disease pressures. The model examines the effect of variety choice, seed dressings and foliar sprays, infection likelihood and timing on net crop profitability. The researchers developed the model through the GRDC-supported disease management project at the WA Department of Agriculture following an outbreak of stripe rust that halved wheat yields in areas not hampered by drought and where susceptible varieties were not treated with fungicide. The model is available free from the Department's Northam office on 08 9690 2000.

Contact: Dr Moin Salam 08 9690 2220