The three B's of stomping on snails

IF YOU'RE interested in practical management systems for snails, pick up a copy of a new publication with a ferocious title - Bash 'Em, Burn 'Em, Bait 'Em: A Management Manual on Integrated Snail Management in Crops and Pastures, produced by the SA Research and Development Institute.

The information in the book is culled from the results of an intensive research investment by the GRDC, SA Grains Industry Trust and other organisations to find answers about the life cycle and management of snails. These answers range from stnbble control and baiting, through to modifying harvest techniques and machinery.

This full-colour and highly illustrated management manual is. divided into four sections. The first section provides information about identifying and monitoring snails as well as their life cycle, eating habits and movement. Section two covers the key control methods from post-harvest stubble 'bashing' and burning through to baiting strategies.

The next section deals with preventing grain contamination by harvest and equipment modifications as well as proven seed cleaning options. Finally, farmers who have successfully managed snails share their experience and knowledge.

Bash 'Em, Burn 'Em, Bait 'Em is available from Ground Cover Direct; free call 1800 110 044 or email; and the TOPCROP Resonrce Centre 1800 652 483. It costs $20 inc GST.