What's in a name?

Penny Blatchford (nee Cush): markets the family product 'Bellata Gold' from Moree to the world. The range of pastas, semolina and flour won gold medals in the fine food competition at this year's Sydney Royal Show.

NO PRIZES for noting the similarity between the names 'Bellata Gold' , chosen by the Cush family for its range of durum wheat products, and 'EGA BellaroiPBR logo' , chosen by NSW Agriculture durum wheat breeder Ray Hare for the premium variety he officially released under the Enterprise Grains Australia label late last year.

Just about everyone knows that, in Italian, "bella" means "beautiful".

The Doug Cush family has lived at Bellata, south of Moree, for 27 years, so 'Bellata Gold' was both an obvious and an inspired choice.

With the industry generally agreeing that one of NSW Agriculture's new lines had "beautiful" pastamaking characteristics - possibly the best in the world - "bella" was an equally inspired choice of prefix for EGA Bellaroi"'.

All NSW Agriculture durum wheats from the team led by Dr Hare have the "aroi" suffix, beginning with Kamilaroi, which was the name of the Aboriginal tribe that inhabited northern NSW - including Doug Cush's "golden triangle for durum" - before white settlement.

The Cush family has built the Bellata Gold name on the durum variety WollaroiPBR logo.

Growers through the GRDC's National Durum Improvement Program have supported the development of recent NSW Agriculture durum varieties.