Farewell Maria Taylor

Photo of Maria Taylor

THIS IS the last issue of Ground Cover brought to you by myself as managing editor, and by designer Sue Van Homrigh and the Media Associates production team.

Events dictate that we move on to other projects, but it is with considerable pride and fondness that we look back at the last 10 years.

We had the great opportunity to develop on behalf of the GRDC a science and technology newspaper, based broadly on GRDC grains research investments. Ground Cover evolved from a bold concept by former GRDC Communications Manager Ross Andrews backed by Managing Director John Lovett and the program teams and with the unstinting commitment of Publications Manager Maureen Cribb.

That this collaboration yielded the most widely-read specialist cropping publication in Australia, gives us a great deal of professional pride and satisfaction. Most particularly because you, our readers, tell us that you value Ground Cover as a source of useful information. We reckon that's high praise from a graingrower and we've done our job.

But we couldn't have done it without the outstanding contributors - writers and photographers who provide the plain-English reports and features on research, innovation and strategy that distinguish Ground Cover. The colourful easy-to- read format was itself an innovation at the time, making it a standout amongst rural publications.

We owe a special thank you to grower Hugh Roberts who from the start - with extraordinary patience and humour - saved us from many an agronomic faux pas. Later agricultural scientist Mike Perry came on board and did his valuable bit as backstop.

Also a 'must acknowledge' is the huge contribution of long-time editorial assistant Francie Lowe who gave Ground Cover a lot of dedication and over-time and regularly kept the technological gremlins at bay. We wish our readers and Ground Cover a bright future and thank all of you for a wonderful experience.