The Partners

Joint venture parties

FOUR ORGANISATIONS have come together under the banner of Graingene - AWB Limited, CSIRO Plant Industry, the GRDC and Syngenta. The alliance enjoys an outstanding combination of resources in grain research and commercialisation, Each partner contributes expertise and financial support to the alliance.

Building on this scientific and commercial strength, Graingene ensures that all research outcomes flow quickly and efficiently to the grain industry in the fonn of improved varieties and technologies.

The GRDC is a strategic investor with the aim of supporting a research program that is unique in the Australian grain industry because of the mix of competencies contributed by the partners.

CSIRO Plant Industry leads the way in Australian cereal research in combining genetic technologies (such as microarrays, bio-informatics, gene discovery etc.) with innovative conventional breeding strategies such as marker-assisted breeding,

Syngenta, an international seed and biotechnology company, brings to Graingene a global network of plant breeding and new sources of traits, as well as an enormous array of genomic tools, intellectual property and expertise.

AWB provides an essential market perspective to Graingene, identifying the requirements of international customers and priority areas for Australian growers and ensuring that those needs are incorporated into the national wheat crops.

A further important collaboration is with LongReach Plant Breeders, an Australian joint venture between AWB Ltd and Syngenta Seeds, and Graingene's preferred breeding organisation.

Originally formed in 1999, the Graingene alliance went through a reorganisation this year to deliver more products and commercial outcomes to industry and consumers while maintaining its leading edge in fundamental plant sciences.