Phosphine Alert

The Stop brochure, designed to remind growers that safe and efficient use of the grain fumigant phosphine is essential, is being distributed alongside phosphine at points of sale around Australia.

"Phosphine is widely used in the Australian grain industry because it is cost-effective, much cheaper than any alternative control measures, leaves no residue if used properly and is practically effective," project manager Peter Hughes said. "Phosphine's continued availability is vital to the Australian grain industry, particularly given the ever-increasing number of growers storing grain on-farm who need to disinfest it of insect pests."

Mr Hughes said the Stop brochure was designed to complement, but not replace, the product label, which was, and should remain, the main source of information when using any farm chemical product. The brochure is an initiative of the national Phosphine Awareness Project, backed by state agricultural departments and the GRDC.

Contact: Mr Peter Hughes 07 4688 1564

Region North, South, West