Mouse Plague Questions to Growers: What Worked?

From your experience with the mouse plague this year, what do you think is the best way to handle future mouse plagues? If a warning were to go out now that mouse numbers are increasing, what management strategies would you adopt?

GRDC is asking these questions of farmers in plague-affected areas. At the recent Rodent Task Force workshop run by GRDC in Wagga, we recognised that there is a wealth of information out there on what farmers had found to be successful, and not successful, in reducing the impact of the plague.

Much of this information will be lost if we do not gather it now. Because of the long time between mouse plagues, people forget.

So we are asking farmers in the plague-affected areas to tell us what they would recommend as 'best practice'. From your responses, we will prepare a practical management manual which will then be available for fanners in future plagues. Please send your responses to Dr Judy Caughley, Bureau of Resource Sciences, PO Box Ell, Queen Victoria Terrace, ACT 2600; phone 06 272 4049; fax 06 272 4896. She has been assigned the task of collating your responses and drafting the guidelines.