Of Cows And Emeralds New Legume Releases

CSIRO Division of Tropical Crops and Pastures, Brisbane, has reported that new mungbean and cowpea varieties have been granted provisional PVR registration. These are:

Mungbean variety

Emerald (PVR Pending 92/165) which responds better than Berken to irrigation, and resists lodging, cerospora leaf spot and mildew. Emerald has been licensed to the Australian Mungbean Association.

Cowpea varieties

Big Buff (PVR Pending 92/169) is an early maturing variety with erect growth and no vining, which carries its pods near the top and is easier to harvest than Banjo.

Holstein (PVR Pending, 92/170) is similar to Banjo in habit and yield but is resistant to Phytophthora stem rot. The seed coat is black and white.

Big Buff and Holstein have been licensed to Selected Seeds Pty Ltd for marketing.