Standards set for measuring protein

All grain protein measuring instruments must now comply with new Australian standards. Grain handlers and others found using faulty instruments "for the purposes of trade" can be fined up to $20,000 for individuals, or $100,000 for companies, in line with all Australian measurement standards.

Australians have long been protected by standards that ensure, for example, a consumer buying a kilogram of apples is getting a kilogram of apples, or a litre of fuel on the pump really is a litre going into the car. However, in the grains industry this regulated calibration has stopped at weighbridges.

Now there are new measurement standards for grain quality that will be applied internationally - firstly for protein measurement, and soon also for moisture measurement.

The new standards have been set by the National Measurement Institute which convened a committee three years ago to determine the new standards. The committee included representatives from bulk handlers, grains researchers and farmer groups.

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