Spray drift alert

With the increasing need to reduce spray drift and improve spray application efficiency, the GRDC is distributing the 2005 guidelines for drift reduction with this Ground Cover edition.

The GRDC has also sent emails to growers, advisers and departmental staff in Central Queensland to improve awareness of the likelihood and potential cost of spray drift in unsuitable weather conditions.

The GRDC says that the weather often experienced in Central Queensland in summer can increase the risk of spray drift and reduce spray efficiency. With some nozzles, up to 40 percent of herbicide may not reach the target.

GRDC northern panel chairman Ian Buss, who farms at Springsure, says the targeted email was only a first step in a collaborative effort with other industry organisations to make growers aware of nozzle and application options that can reduce spray drift.

"Spray drift has been an ongoing problem and such instances provide ammunition for other sectors of the community to criticise farm chemical practices," he said. "Right now there is a push to limit the use of hormone herbicides."

The GRDC Spray Drift Alert email included information on techniques to minimise drift hazards, the effect of weather on spray applications, and on the use of Delta T as a measure of temperature and relative humidity.

For more information: Ian Buss 07 4984 6141, mobile 0419 707 67

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