Herbicide Resistance - Roundup Ready® canola saves Canadian skins

Photo of Professor Ian Morrison

Canadian academic and scientist Professor Ian Morrison, left, gives Roundup Ready ® canola much of the credit for keeping the lid on herbicide resistance in Canada.

A crop scientist and former Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics at the University of Alberta, he visited WAHRI in March to get an update on herbi-cide resistance research in WA.

A pioneering researcher on herbicide resistance in western Canada, Professor Morrison believes Australia’s resistance problem is more widespread and poses greater challenges, largely due to multiple resistance in ryegrass and new cases of 2,4-D resistance in wild radish.

“Wild radish resistance in WA is exceptional due to the nature of the weed and the very limited crop rotations, dominated by wheat,” he says. “Canadian and Australian growers were in a similar situation in the early nineties in terms of developing resistance, as the farming systems are very similar. However, the introduction of Roundup Ready ® canola in Canada in 1996 proved a critical tool in coping with resistance. It saved our skin.

“I suspect herbicide resistance problems would have been much worse in Canada if not for Roundup Ready ® canola".

Professor Morrison is in Australia as a visiting scientist at the Agricultural Production Systems Research Unit in Toowoomba, Queensland.

For more information: Professor Ian Morrison, 07 4688 1563 (Toowoomba, Qld until 22 April 2005), ian.morrison@ualberta.ca

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