Value Chain Supplement - Growing closer to customers

Australia"s grains industry has started thinking hard about its place in the world, and realising that the bulk commodity supply chain that has served it well over a century is no longer enough.

Many in our $8 billion grains industry are realising they are really part of a much bigger picture - Australia"s $50 billion agrifoods industry.

As a consequence, many grain businesses, including growers and grower groups, are looking for ways to become involved in the grains value chain, either through processing or partial processing, or building relationships with end-users through quality-assurance initiatives.

In contrast to a ‘supply chain" dynamic, where production is often insensitive to market requirements and the focus is on efficient logistics, a "value chain" is demand-driven and recognises the opportunities that all chain participants have to contribute to efficiency and to increase product value by meeting market requirements.

The articles in this special supplement represent some of the activities that reflect the changing nature of the grains industry, as companies, groups and individuals seek to broaden their income streams by looking beyond grains" traditional treatment.