A new look at early harvesting

The system of National Variety Trials (NVT) is now in place for 2005 with entry lists of varieties finalised and at the time of writing, seed being distributed across the country. The trials are now at the planting stage, just add water!

This year there will be approximately 530 trials across the country. This has required a significant logistical exercise in coordinating the entry lists, creating the trial randomisations, distributing the seed and packing the trials in preparation for sowing.

The NVT includes the most advanced lines from all plant-breeding programs across Australia. From these very advanced lines in the trials, the next varieties will be released.

The NVT evaluates potential new entries for the 10 broadacre crops of wheat, barley, oats, triticale, canola, field peas, lentils, chickpeas, faba beans and lupins.

An application and selection process has determined the organisations that will conduct the NVT trials for the next four years. The Grains Research and Development Corporation has contracted private companies as well as the state agricultural departments to undertake the work.

By state, these trial managers are:
Western Australia
: wheat and canola, AgriTech Crop Research Pty Ltd; all other crops, Department of Agriculture, WA.
South Australia
: all crops, South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI).
Victoria: Mallee, Wimmera, south-west, all crops: Department of Primary Industries, Victoria; north central, north-east, cereals and canola: Agrisearch Pty Ltd; north central, north-east, pulses: NSW Department of Primary Industries.
New South Wales: canola, Agrisearch Pty Ltd; all other crops, NSW DPI .
Queensland: wheat and barley, Agrisearch Pty Ltd. The Australian Crop Accreditation System (ACAS), in a project supported by the GRDC, has developed the trial management system used for establishing and monitoring the trials. Growers and their advisers will be able to see how the new varieties perform in the area of release, as well as the potential areas that these varieties may be adapted to. The launch of the web-based IT delivery platform is expected to be in the spring of this year. Further upates on the progress of NVT will be featured in future issues of Ground Cover.

GRDC Research Code CAS12
For more information: Dr Andreas Betzner, 02 6272 5525, www.grdc.com.au

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