Funding call

The Managing Climate Variability Program focuses research and development on improving climate risk management in Australia"s rural industries.

Specific activities include developing seasonal climate forecasting techniques, tools for tactical decision making and improving access to climate information and training.

The program recently called for additional research and development proposals falling under two broad themes:

Around 45 preliminary proposals have been received. To increase awareness and adoption of improved seasonal climate tools the program is looking to establish collaborative projects linking farmers and land managers to researchers and agencies providing seasonal climate forecasting information and tools. This will involve training and support for local advisers and knowledge brokers.

The second theme aims to stimulate the development of innovative applications of season climate forecasting that assist landholders to manage the NRM implications of climate variability, including the impact of climate change on climate variability.

Round 2 proposals are now being developed with an announcement about the new projects expected in September.

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