GM food regulation - an update

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A new publication, GM Foods - Safety Assessment of Genetically Modified Foods, has been launched by Australia"s food safety regulator, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). The booklet is an updated version of a publication released by FSANZ in 2000.

As at June 2005, FSANZ had approved 25 GM crops. Of these, cotton varieties are the only commercial GM crop in Australia; potato and sugarbeet varieties, although approved, are not being grown in Australia or overseas.

The booklet covers how GM food is regulated, the basics of gene technology, the safety assessment process for GM foods, GM foods available in Australia and overseas, how GM foods are likely to develop in the future and GM food labelling requirements.

A GM food is considered safe for human consumption if FSANZ is satisfied that:


For more information: For a free copy of the booklet, see Ground Cover Direct, page 31