Single vision - moving forward

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Photo of the Single Vision Interim Board members - Grant Latta, Ian MacKinnon, Christine Hawkins [plus Phillip Young not in picture]

As outlined in June, the task of taking the Single Vision plan forward has now been moved to an Interim Board.

Headed by Murray Rogers, the Interim Board brings together Grant Latta, Ian MacKinnon, Christine Hawkins and Philip Young, all highly experienced individuals from across the grains industry value chain. The Interim Board has held its first meeting.

Joining them will be Selwyn Snell, who will take up the role of Chief Executive Officer from 1 October.

[Photo (above) by Vic Dobos: The Interim Board: Murray Rogers, Ian MacKinnon, Christine Hawkins and Grant Latta (plus Philip Young, not in picture).]

"Mr Snell will bring to the Single Vision Interim Board over 30 years of agricultural and life sciences industry experience, both national and international," Chair of the Interim Board, Mr Rogers, says. "He has held the position of CEO and managing director at a publicly listed company and at one of Australia"s largest agribusiness resellers."

Through a Single Vision approach, the grains industry has the opportunity to take control of its future. Harnessing the collective knowledge, experience and energy across the whole grains industry value chain will see Australian growers continue to increase their productivity and sustainability.

In this issue of Ground Cover, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Richard Colbeck, has welcomed, on behalf of the Australian Government, the development of Towards a Single Vision (see page 26).

So, where to now?

A small Single Vision office will be established initially in Brisbane. With a full complement, the Interim Board will begin the task of meeting as many as possible of the key players across Australia, seeking their involvement in taking Single Vision forward.

Their key focus will be on:

Regular updates on the Interim Board"s activities as they move Single Vision forward will appear in coming issues of Ground Cover.