Training Awards 2006

The Corporation has a range of Awards aimed at developing and maintaining the skills and information bases required to achieve the GRDC"s objectives. These Awards provide selected growers, researchers and others directly involved with the Australian grain industry opportunities for professional development.

Undergraduate Honours Scholarships (UHS)
Ten awards, each of $6000, are available annually for students undertaking full-time study at a recognised tertiary institution, who demonstrate an excellent record of undergraduate achievement and a program of research directed at strategic priorities in the Australian grains industry.

Grains Industry Research Scholarships (GRS)
Available to students proceeding to postgraduate study in a field relevant to the GRDC. The award will normally be for three years with an annual tax-free stipend of $25,000. An additional amount of up to $5000 may be available for operating expenses.

Senior Fellowships (SF)
Available to senior R&D personnel seeking to enhance their experience and potential to contribute to the work of the GRDC at an institution in Australia or overseas. Support will be for up to 12 months. Preference may be given to applicants who have matching funds from other sources and who propose working in an institution other than their current one. Support will generally be up to a maximum of $50,000.

Visiting Fellowships (VF)
Available to overseas researchers who are able to enhance GRDC programs. Activity may occur at an Australian host institution or company. Support may be for up to 12 months and a maximum of $17,500.

In-Service Training (IST)
Available to younger scientists, technical staff and others engaged in work relevant to GRDC objectives who may not be eligible for other forms of support. Funding will be considered for travel, secondment or interchange between institutions and will be available for a maximum of six months.

Agricultural Training Awards (ATA)
Twelve scholarships, each of $5000, are available annually to school-leaving students undertaking full-time study who can demonstrate an excellent record of school achievement at a recognised institution. Preference is given to applicants who indicate an understanding of the knowledge and skills that will be required for a successful career in the Australian grains industry.

Closing date for all training award applications is 28 October 2005. All referees" reports must also be received by this date. No late applications will be accepted.

Further information and Application Forms can be found at "For Researchers" / "Applying and Reporting" section of the GRDC"s website at