GRDC reports to grower body

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The GRDC has addressed issues of importance to growers around the country in its regular six-monthly meeting with Grain Producers Australia (GPA), the official grower representative organisation to which it reports and other state and national farming organisations.

In response to questions brought by GPA and state and national farming organisations, the GRDC outlined work it was doing through its IPSOS Grower Survey to better understand and establish baselines and measures of farming intentions and changing practices.

GRDC projects on mice control issues were discussed and information provided about the long-term funding arrangements for Wheat Quality Australia. The GPA also confirmed that the levy rate for 2011-12 would be maintained. Other issues discussed at the meeting included: 

  • action to provide growers with information to enable them to comply with an EU renewable energy directive requiring canola producers to certify environmental impact and energy use reductions; 
  • the role of Research Advisory Committees, particularly in northern Australia, and how they will interact with new structures under the National Grains RD&E Strategy; and 
  • accountability arrangements between the GRDC and GPA.

The GRDC, represented by its board and senior management, also reported on its financial performance and performance against its corporate strategy, as well as outlining progress on key issues such as the implementation of the National Grains RD&E Strategy.

GRDC chairman Keith Perrett said he was pleased to be able to directly address issues raised by stakeholders, which had been provided by GPA in advance to ensure informed and detailed discussion.

“The GRDC was very pleased with the constructive approach from all the participants and look forward to future meetings being as effective,” he said. “In the meantime, the GRDC will continue to consult with both GPA and other grower organisations to make sure we receive grower input into setting our priorities.”

– Melissa Marino

More information: John Harvey, GRDC, 02 6166 4500

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