Ground Cover Issue 113 - Grain & Graze

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Cover page of Ground Cover Supplement 113: Grain & Graze - Mixed farming, reaping the rewards

Mixed farming: Reaping the rewards

After four years and the involvement of 20,000 primary producers across seven growing regions and five states, the $12-million Grain & Graze 2 program (G&G2) has overseen some significant changes to farming practices.

Increasing whole-farm profitability, sustainability and ground cover, while helping farm businesses become more resilient by equipping growers with a better understanding of risk management and complex decision-making, were among the overarching objectives of the program.

At the end of the program in 2013, G&G2 had delivered a cumulative net farm profit to growers of $100.2 million through better management of stubbles, increased stocking rates and adoption of novel rotations and fodders. This was achieved without increasing the risk to farming businesses.

Grain & Graze entered a third three-year phase in July 2014, with a focus on risk management, grazing on cropped lands and crop/fodder rotations in southern and western Australia.

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