Ground Cover Issue 115 - Profitable pulses and pastures

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Ground Cover Supplement

This Ground Cover Supplement focuses on the on-farm impact of research across the western, southern and northern agronomic zones that demonstrates how crop choice affects productivity and profitability across the sequence over several years.

The research profiled within these pages reflects six major areas of crop sequencing research that are vital to ensure Australia’s cropping systems remain sustainable, viable and competitive for the medium to long term:

  • break crops as a weed-management tool
  • suitable break-crop and end-use options
  • the financial benefits of break crops alone and as part of a sequence
  • break crops as disease-management tools
  • improved features of existing break crop varieties
  • quantifying and managing nitrogen provided by break crops.

To do justice to the amount of research, this Ground Cover Supplement concentrates on pulse and pasture options, with a separate feature on oilseeds to follow.

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