Essential guide to spray application

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Achieving good weed control is important but avoiding damage to crops and off-target areas is essential

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Spray application manual for grain growers

Farm chemicals, adjuvants and water conditioners have the potential to interact when they come into contact with each other, particularly if they have not been sufficiently diluted or fully dissolved.

The highest risk of crop damage usually comes from herbicide residues remaining in the sprayer or mixing equipment.

One of the most critical steps in reducing the level of residue in the tank, pump and plumbing is to ensure the sprayer and mixing equipment are completely clean after use.

The GRDC Spray Application Manual for Grain Growers provides a guide to this and all other facets of spray application in 23 comprehensive modules.

The manual includes practical information – backed by science – on sprayer set-up, including self-propelled sprayers, new tools for determining sprayer outputs, advice for assessing spray coverage in the field, improving droplet capture by the target, drift-reducing equipment and techniques, the effects of adjuvants and nozzle type on drift potential and surface temperature inversion research.

The manual was edited by renowned expert Bill Gordon, who has more than 20 years’ experience in spray application and drift management and has provided training to more than 10,000 Australian grain growers. Several other key industry players – from throughout Australia and overseas and with decades of experience in various aspects of spray application – also contributed to the manual.

Information on decontamination and cleaning of equipment, as well as how to mix products correctly is presented in Module 7, with links to other resources including GRDC fact sheets and videos.

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