A pint with a pulse

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Photo of AGT Foods CEO Peter Wilson and AEGIC's Mary Raynes toast Australia's first lentil beer

AGT Foods CEO Peter Wilson and Mary Raynes from AEGIC toast Australia’s first lentil beer, produced in collaboration with Lobethal Bierhaus.

PHOTO: Melissa Marino

First there were lentil burgers. Now, to wash them down, there is lentil beer.

AGT Foods Australia has partnered with Lobethal Bierhaus in South Australia to produce Australia’s first beer brewed from lentils.

Peter Wilson, AGT Foods Australia CEO, admitted he had his doubts when the idea of a lentil beer was raised. He said he was reassured by the brewers at the Lobethal microbrewery, who were enthusiastic about its prospects.

“They said it had a good mouth-feel and a nice texture at the top of the glass, and ultimately they ended up with a product they were quite satisfied with,” he told the Australian Grains Industry Conference 2017.

First brewed in Canada by Rebellion Brewing with AGT’s parent company, the Australian version was introduced as a ‘left-field’ way to capitalise on the buzz around lentils following the 2016 International Year of Pulses.

“Obviously we’re not selling thousands of tonnes of lentils for the beer – we did it to raise awareness of the various ways pulses can be used,” he said.

Nevertheless, the beer, available from the Lobethal Bierhaus in the Adelaide Hills as well as SA’s Yorke Peninsula, has been received favourably by consumers – and may pave the way for more pulse-based beers.

“It might become a thing,” Peter said. “The brewers are quite excited about it.”

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