GrowNotes™ Alert - FAQ

The following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding GrowNotes™ Alert. For further information or alternative queries, please contact the team directly at:

What is GrowNotes™ Alert?

Who can use GrowNotes™ Alert?

How does GrowNotes™ Alert work?

When did GrowNotes™ Alert start operating?

Who operates GrowNotes™ Alert?

How will I receive a GrowNotes™ Alert notification?

What about biosecurity and exotic incursion notifications on GrowNotes™ Alert?

What will a GrowNotes™ Alert notification tell me?

Can I register for GrowNotes™ Alert more than once? And/or how can I set up a specific subscription for my location(s) and crop(s) of interest, but also see what is happening in other places and crops?

What do the GrowNotes™ Alert zones represent?

Why should I register for GrowNotes™ Alert?

What are the three regional GrowNotes™ Alert Twitter channels?

Do I need to subscribe to GrowNotes™ Alert to follow Twitter?

Who are our partners and GrowNotes™ Alert experts?

What GrowNotes™ Alert notifications have been delivered to date?

How do I contact GrowNotes™ Alert staff?

How do I manage/change/amend/delete my account?

I subscribed to GrowNotes™ Alert but didn’t get my free macro lens.

How do I submit GrowNotes™ Alert surveillance via the web portal?

How do I submit GrowNotes™ Alert surveillance via the App?

Can a user enter a GrowNotes™ Alert surveillance report offline and then submit when within telecommunications range?

I have an agronomist/adviser, why do I need GrowNotes™ Alert as well?

What happens if I forget my GrowNotes™ Alert password?

Why can’t I see all alerts when I first log into GrowNotes™ Alert?

To what extent are the GrowNotes™ Alert notifications localised?

Does the App need to be open to receive a GrowNotes™ Alert notification?

Is there a limit to the number of devices a user can use for GrowNotes™ Alert?

My photo/s won’t attach to my GrowNotes™ Alert surveillance report – what’s wrong?

Is there a GrowNotes™ Alert App for my iPad or smart tablet?