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GrowNotes Alert is a free nationwide system for delivering urgent, actionable and economically important pest, disease weed and biosecurity issues directly to you, the grower, adviser and industry body, the way you want. Real-time information from experts across Australia, to help growers increase profitability.

A GrowNotes Alert notification can be delivered via SMS, email, web portal or via the iOS App. There are also three by dedicated regional Twitter handles – @GNAlertNorth, @GNAlertSouth and @GNAlertWest – that can also be followed.

The urgency with which alerts are delivered can help reduce the impact of disease, pest and weed costs. GrowNotes Alert improves the relevance, reliability, speed and coverage of notifications on the incidence, prevalence and distribution of these issues within all Australian grain growing regions.

GrowNotes Alert is a two-way form of communication between users (predominantly growers and advisers) and our pathologists, entomologists and range of key experts across Australia – and we encourage subscribers to send in surveillance of suspect crop issues at any time. The system is also a tool to help highlight healthy crops, in turn helping to promote market access, so further encouragement is given to users to send in thriving crop and harvest photographs as well.

Best of all, GrowNotes Alert is free to sign up to and can only make life easier for our users – what is there to lose? You can change your preferred settings at any time and can take a look ‘over the fence’ at other areas and alternative crops by using the search function in the subscriber portal. Use the button below to subscribe today!

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GrowNotes Alert is jointly funded by the GRDC and Agriculture Victoria. For further information, please contact Dr Chris Pittock: or email the GrowNotes Alert team directly:

Frequently asked questions

Q: When did GrowNotes Alert start full operation?
A: Whilst the GrowNotes Alert service became operational in June, 2016 due to the biosecurity outbreak of Russian Wheat Aphid, and subsequently sending out notifications on other disease and pest issues thereafter, the full system was officially launched in September 2016.

Q: How will I receive an alert?
A: You choose your preferred method(s) of receiving alerts – either via an iOS App, SMS, email or via the web postal – you can also follower any/all of the regional Twitter channels @GNAlertNorth, @GNAlertSouth and @GNAlertWest.

Q: What will a GrowNotes Alert notification tell me?
A: An alert will inform you of the problem (pest, disease, weed or biosecurity) and the crop affected, action to take and where to find more information. It will also give you a ready link to the subscriber web portal. Alerts will only be sent if an issue is triaged as economically important and actionable.

Q: Can I register more than once?
A: Technically yes, but you must use a unique email address for each subscription (see subsequent question below).

Q: How can I set up a specific subscription for my location(s) and crop(s) of interest, but also see what is happening in other places and crops?
A: We suggest setting up a tailored subscription in your profile and then monitoring broader alerts by either looking at the GRDC region-based Twitter feeds or seeing all alerts by logging into the subscriber portal. The subscriber portal allows you to see your subscribed alerts as well as all alerts.Q: How do I submit surveillance and why is it important?
A: You can submit surveillance on the spot using the iOS App or web portal on your phone or tablet, or at your leisure via your PC. Surveillance is important as the system is critically designed to be a two-way form of communication, with users feeding back into the system information that we may not have as yet, and we can directly send that to our experts across Australia. Highlighting healthy crops is also important, with the absence of any incursion/issue being positive for market access data.

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