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GrowNotes™ are your one-stop shop for regional trial results and best practice recommendations.

GRDC welcomes you to GRDC GrowNotes™, a new and exciting information product range providing you with regional trial results and best practice recommendations on the crops you grow. A good example of your levy at work!

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The GRDC has been investing in grains RD&E for more than 20 years. During this time, together with our partners, we have generated a mass of information from research outputs and findings, most of which remains relevant today.

Typically, this research has been communicated to industry through GRDC Research Updates, GroundCover, fact sheets, media releases, communication campaigns and the GRDC website. While these remain important communication channels, new information technologies such as digital publishing and mobile device applications provide an opportunity to communicate the results of GRDC-funded research more effectively.

GRDC is committed to actively listening to growers to ensure our activities and investments respond to need and deliver results. And that feedback has been heard loud and clear. Our Regional Cropping Solutions networks and Grower Solutions Groups have told us that growers now need more specific information, tailored to their environment and in a format they can access when they need it most. Having this all in one location so they don’t have to go trawling through the internet is another critical feature.

So what’s special about GRDC GrowNotes™?

It really comes down to actively listening to growers and the intense collaboration between GRDC, our research providers and science writers. Comments and observations from growers about GRDC publications and products and what they’d like to see improved and the feedback received from the growers and advisers who first tested GrowNotes™, have come together in a very unique blend.

The GRDC’s GrowNotes™ are a direct result of your GRDC listening to what you need and presenting it in a way that best informs the cropping decisions you make.

You’ll see a feedback button at the top of every page. Readers are encouraged to use this to provide comments or feedback. By sharing your experiences you are helping GRDC create and improve the next generation of GRDC GrowNotes™.

We hope you find the GRDC GrowNotes™ useful. For field use why not try the GRDC GrowNotes™ app, a mobile-friendly services that connects you to the full GrowNotes™ publications library.