GrowNotes - Spray application manual

Published: 7 Mar 2024

'GrowNotes™ - Spray application manual for grain growers' provides information on how various spraying systems and components work, along with those factors that the operator should consider, to ensure the sprayer is operating to its full potential.

The manual focuses on improving sprayer output accuracy and the efficiency and safety of spraying operations. It covers planning your spray operations, preparing for spraying, spraying system components and set-up, available spraying system options and operational considerations, and review and planning for future sprayer system needs.

The manual comprises 23 modules and a 'water flush for residuals' calculator. Each module includes a series of videos. First published in February 2017, the current edition published in February 2024 includes revisions to Modules 1, 4 and 10. Other modules are currently under review and will be updated when complete.

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