Managing fleabane in zero-till farming systems

Video Published: 29/11/2013

Webinar held Friday 29th November, 2013

Flaxleaf fleabane (Conzya Bonariensis) has been a prolific weed of zero till farming systems in the northern region for over 10 years and can now be found in zero till farming systems in all mainland states.

This webinar highlights the ecology of fleabane and why this is driving the spread of fleabane across the nation, glyphosate resistance status and weed control tactics that have been successfully employed in the northern region to manage this weed.


Mark Congreve (Independent Consultants Australia Network) and Peter McKenzie (Agricultural Consulting and Extension Services). Mark's background consists of over 20 years with multinational agricultural chemical suppliers before shifting into grains research extension, primarily in the northern grains region. Peter is an independent fee-for-service broadacre adviser operating in the Liverpool Plains region of northern NSW so brings to the table a wealth of hands-on experience in fleabane management.