Stubble and soil binding of pre emergent herbicides

Video Published: 13/12/2013

Webinar held Friday 13th December, 2013

Pre-emergent herbicides are one of the key management tactics for managing annual ryegrass in winter crop production systems in Australia. Efficient utilization of these tools requires an effective understanding of how these herbicides interact with soil and stubble and, following on from this, their requirements for incorporation.

This webinar investigates the properties of key pre-emergent herbicides pyroxasulfone (Sakura®), prosulfocarb/s-metolachlor (Boxer® Gold), dimethenamid-P (Outlook®) and trifluralin (Treflan®) and how the herbicide properties affect stubble binding and soil mobility.


Dr Dale Shaner (USDA-ARS retired). Dale brings an international flavour to the webinar series, presenting the webinar from his base in Colorado, USA. Dale retired from the USDA-ARS in early 2103 where he had led the research into residual herbicides and soil interaction for over 12 years. Prior to joining USDA, Dale was a discovery research scientist at BASF for 22 years, instrumental in the development of imidazolinone herbicides and imidazolinone tolerant crops.