Weed control on paddock boundaries and fencelines

Video Published: 10/06/2014

Webinar held Tuesday 10th June, 2014

Weeds often invade from the perimeters of paddocks, so an important integrated tactic in weed management is to keep paddock boundaries free of invading species. This webinar will address strategies for managing paddock boundaries and fence lines to reduce the impact of weeds. Sub topics include: how weeds move into a paddock and how they adapt to the farming systems within the paddock.


Associate Professor Chris Preston (University of Adelaide). Chris is one of Australia's leading experts on integrated weed management and also chairs the Australian Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group. Chris will be presenting on the strategies behind managing weeds around paddock boundaries and along fencelines. Chris and his research team have been trialling different herbicide options for fenceline management and report on these results.