Ecology and management of common sowthistle

Video Published: 4/12/2015

Webinar held Friday 4th December, 2015

Once thought of as a winter weed, common sowthistle is now causing problems all year round in the northern grains region, particularly in summer fallows. The conformation of glyphosate resistant populations in 2014 has significantly raised the importance of this problem weed.

This webinar continues to build on the library of previous webinars focusing on key problem weeds. It addresses the ecology of sowthistle, provide an update of the latest on herbicide resistance and discuss how we can use this information to develop effective management strategies.


This webinar draws on the experiences of Michael Widderick and Annie van der Meulen (DAF Queensland) who have led the weeds research team studying the ecology, evolution of resistance and management of sowthistle in the northern grains region.