Beginner's guide to harvest weed seed control

Video Published: 24/06/2014

Webinar held Tuesday 24th June, 2014

You have probably read the press releases of the non-herbicide weed control strategies that are being employed over large areas in the west at harvest time to reduce the weed seed burden and to manage resistant weeds.

This webinar is designed to provide some helpful tips for advisers and growers who wish to explore this option however may be unsure where to start. Topics that will be explored include why to consider harvest weed seed control; what options are available; what paddocks to target; and how to achieve success.


Research Associate Professor Michael Walsh (Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative), Maurie Street (Grains Orana Alliance). Michael has extensive experience with the development of the full range of harvest weed seed control systems being employed by growers and will comment on their potential impact as well as the pros and cons of the available systems. Maurie who leads the GOA grower solutions group will discuss how central west NSW growers have gone about introducing harvest seed control in the past seasons, and how to get started in this approach to weed control.