Maximising the performance of paraquat based herbicides in northern fallow

Video Published: 27/11/2015

Webinar held Friday 27th November, 2015

With the continual rise of glyphosate resistance, growers are increasingly relying on fallow weed control strategies incorporating the use of bipyridal (Group L) herbicides. In this webinar we will be focusing on what Group L herbicide strategies are working and how to achieve the maximum performance from these contact herbicides. The webinar will also discuss topical issues such as night versus day application, double knock strategies, tank mixing and, of course, the safe use of paraquat. 


Presenters – Mark Congreve (Independent Consultants Australia Network) will be joined by Shaun Hood (Syngenta) for a discussion on this topic. Shaun is the Solutions Development Leader for Syngenta in the northern grains region, and will share his experiences with regard to development and stewardship of this important herbicide group.