Crop Establishment Showcase

Event Name
Crop Establishment Showcase
Start Date
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3 hours

Explore the approaches to dry sowing, deep sowing and emergence, plus new technologies such as long coleoptile, seed priming, seeder set up and engineering for dry-deep sowing. Join our great range of speakers in the field and discuss all things cereal and canola crop establishment.

Speakers will:

  • Unpack the experiences, learnings and results so far from one of the driest Autumns.
  • Showcase how significant investments from GRDC and CSIRO are driving advancements in crop establishment.
  • Demonstrate engineering considerations / limitations for when we go deep.
  • Discuss the upside and downside of crop establishment timing.

Got questions? Bring them or send them in. Grab a coffee and gain valuable knowledge from experts as they discuss what we can learn from one of the driest Autumns on record. Coffee van kindly provided by Pioneer.


  • A reminder that this showcase will be held on a farm, please come with clean boots (a foot bath will be provided), and park in the designated area.
  • The AgCommunicators Team will be onsite filming this showcase. If you do not wish to be on film, please advise the videographer on the day. All welcome, but registration is essential

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SA 5306
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Anita Giarratano
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Cost (in AUD$): Free


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