Commercialisation principles

Where commercialisation is the appropriate method to deliver on purpose, we will:

  • Establish and maintain ownership of intellectual property (IP) generated from our investments and seek to maximise the benefit to Australian grain growers from the exploitation of that IP.
  • Prioritise the delivery of benefits to Australian grain growers over the potential for commercial returns to GRDC.
  • Facilitate the delivery of research and development (R&D) outcomes to Australian grain growers by selecting the most appropriate and sustainable commercialisation pathway.
  • Actively seek to recover a commercial return from non-investing third parties that utilise IP derived from our investments.
  • Where appropriate, encourage private sector co-investment and involvement at any stage in the development and/or delivery of R&D that has the potential to benefit grain growers.
  • Grant periods of exclusivity to IP only where this is required to maximise the efficient and effective development &/or delivery to growers.
  • Plan and execute an appropriate exit strategy from commercial arrangements where ongoing involvement of GRDC is no longer desirable or required to maintain benefit to Australian grain growers.
  • Consider commercialisation of IP outside of Australia only if: 
    • it can be clearly demonstrated that no disadvantage to Australian grain growers will arise
    • it will enhance the Australian grain industry’s competitive position
    • it is necessary to underpin the sustainability of commercialisation
    • the probability of IP leakage to non-investing third parties is sufficiently high to warrant formal commercial activities in international jurisdictions.
  • Income generated from the commercialisation of R&D outputs will be re-invested consistent with our purpose.
  • Outcomes of commercialisation activities will be measured and regularly reported to our board, government, and stakeholders.