Industry-good organisations

GRDC invests in industry-good initiatives where there are significant benefits for the grains industry, including more efficient industry operation, improved connectivity across the value chain and improved industry influence in domestic and global markets.

This includes:

Grains Australia

Established in 2020, Grains Australia is a company limited by guarantee to deliver ‘industry good’ functions for the benefit of Australia’s grain supply chain. Grains Australia receives funding from GRDC as its sole member under a multi-year Funding Agreement.

Grains Australia’s core functions are to establish and maintain a grain variety classification system; provide services that maintain and improve trade and market access; develop long-term market and consumer analysis and product awareness to support longer term demand and value creation and, lastly, ensure that technical support and training are available for customers of, and participants in, the Australian grains industry.

In April 2023, GRDC announced that Grains Australia and the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) were joining forces to deliver more efficient and effective ‘industry good’ services for Australian grain growers. The integration is designed to drive collaboration, improve co-ordination, and streamline and deliver efficiencies across the key areas of classification, trade and market access; market information, education and customer insights; and innovation for the Australian grains sector.

As part of the integration, GRDC has stepped down from its role as a member of AEGIC and Grains Australia has now joined AEGIC as a member. Future GRDC investment in AEGIC will go through Grains Australia.

For more information visit the Grains Australia website.