Agtech innovation initiatives

The Business Development team manages a number of Agtech innovation initiatives. Our innovation strategy is aimed to deliver more impact to grower profitability through improved targeting and support of the ag-tech start-up innovation ecosystem. These programs aim to address different unmet needs in the innovation process.

These programs include:

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The $50 million GrainInnovate fund was established by GRDC and Artesian. It was launched in February 2019 and invests in start-ups to help drive the future profitability and sustainability of Australia's grain growers.

The Fund invests from seed to growth stage in start-ups from Australia, and globally, that fit the fund's investment mandate, which is based on the our RD&E Plan 2018-23 and Key Investment Targets.

The fund has invested in 16 start-ups to date.

GrainInnovate infographic May 2022

For more information about the fund and investee companies, visit the GrainInnovate website.

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The Growers as Innovators program aims to support innovative growers in market-testing their ideas and potentially bringing them to market.

The program is currently being run by Farmers2Founders as a cross - Rural Research and Development Corporations initiative. Find out more information about our Growers as Innovators program.

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Our Accelerator Program seeks non-exclusive partnerships with the Agtech accelerator capacity   already existing in Australia.

To date, we have partnered with SproutXSparklabs Cultiv8, Farmer2Founders and Cicada Innovations for the delivery of these programs.

Proposals from eligible accelerator program providers are encouraged on an ongoing basis.

For more information about our accelerator program.

Please contact the Business Development team for more information on these programs.

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