Our structure

We have five business groups each led by a General Manager reporting to the Managing Director.

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Our structure and strengths are enhanced by our highly committed staff and the depth of experience of our directors. This is enriched by the diverse knowledge and skills of our advisory panel members.

All aspects of our performance and accountability are underpinned by our robust corporate governance policies and procedures.


The Board sets our strategic direction and monitors our ongoing performance. The Board consists of nine non-executive directors, including the Chair and Managing Director.

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The GRDC Board is selected and appointed in accordance with the Primary Industries Research and Development Act 1989 (PIRD Act). Under the Act, the Minister is responsible for selecting and appointing the Chair of the Board.

The Managing Director is selected and appointed by the Board. All other board members are selected by a selection committee, appointed by the Minister under the PIRD Act, in consultation with the industry representative organisation declared under the PIRD Act and other grower organisations.

The selection committee is responsible for nominating candidates to be appointed as directors. Nominations are made to the Minister and formal appointment of directors is made by the Minister.

Our board has combined expertise in the following areas:

  • business management strategy
  • corporate governance
  • commodity production, processing and marketing
  • finance
  • risk management
  • management and conservation of natural resources and the environment
  • R&D administration
  • science, technology and technology transfer
  • intellectual property management
  • public administration.


Our four advisory panels help ensure our investments are in the interests of stakeholders to deliver benefits and services in each grain-growing region. This network of growers, advisers and researchers are important to our success.

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