Our Investment Framework

We are a global leader in grains industry research, development and extension (RD&E). Each year we plan, invest in, manage and promote hundreds of world-class projects.

Our focus is on driving discoveries and innovations that will create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers. Our rigorous investment processes and practices ensure the RD&E levy is one of the best investments a grain grower can make.

Our investments must:

IMF phases

Our Investment Management Framework (IMF) is our consistent approach to the management of investments. All investments progress through five phases of the IMF which operates in the broader context of ongoing engagement with our key stakeholders.

The five phases are:


We capture a wide range of ideas for improving profitability for Australian Grain Growers. We seek to gain a clear understanding of the constraint or opportunity being experienced and how this aligns to our strategy.


Drawing on internal and external expertise, we analyse the investment opportunity to assess and identify the investments that will deliver the greatest impact to growers.


We identify, select and procure RD&E partners best able to deliver outputs and value for money for us and our stakeholders.


We actively manage both the contracts and the relationships with our RD&E partners, recognising the partnerships we build are integral to our long-term success.


Throughout the life of an investment we continuously monitor outputs and outcomes through a range of metrics. We evaluate the impact of investments on profitability of Australian grain growers and report the findings to our key stakeholders.

You can contact us to discuss potential RD&E investment partnerships that deliver on purpose or create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers.

Impact assessment reports

We conduct impact assessments to gauge whether our investments are delivering value for money to Australian grain growers and the wider grains industry. These assessments measure the economic, environmental and social benefits of our RD&E projects.