Partnering in RD&E investment

Research associate Jordi Muria Gonzalez, at the Centre for Crop and Disease Management laboratories. Photo: GRDC

We are a dynamic organisation, investing in cutting-edge research, development and extension (RD&E) on behalf of Australian grain growers, to advance their farming systems, profitability and industry.

We strive to deliver tangible, on-the-ground impact for Australian grain growers. To do this, we must engage and partner with the very best and most innovative research collaborators – from across Australia and around the globe.

Growing high quality grain to feed the world presents ever-emerging challenges and opportunities for our growers. To overcome those constraints and capture the opportunities on offer, we must explore new research frontiers and develop solutions that will drive sustainable industry productivity and grower profitability well into the future.

New technologies, knowledge and practices are the avenues to providing growers with the answers they need. To arrive at those answers, we require partners who share our commitment and passion for innovation and transformation as we invest in targeted, world-class grains RD&E on behalf of our growers.

We place no boundaries on our search for collaborators of choice – be they from within or outside the grains industry, private or public sector. It is imperative we seek the most efficient and appropriate path to delivery, to maximise uptake and benefits to growers.

When commercialisation is the appropriate method to deliver on our purpose we will invest through business development and commercialisation mechanisms that apply our Commercial Principles.


The following resources relate to partnering with GRDC in RD&E investments.

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