GRDC National Grower Network

The NGN is GRDC’s front door for those who want to engage with us

The NGN is GRDC’s front door for those who want to engage with us

GRDC’s National Grower Network (NGN) was established to support meaningful engagement with grain growers, improve our understanding of local issues and assist in the development of investments that are locally relevant and have on-farm impact.

The NGN helps to capture ideas, issues, constraints and opportunities at regional forums that are open to all growers, advisers and researchers.

From July 2021, we are changing our approach to applied RD&E and the NGN — in essence, we’re taking the best of the old model and developing a more responsive open forum to deliver local RD&E tackling local issues.

“The NGN will provide a crucial touch point with key growers, advisers and researchers…our approach to the Network over the coming years is aimed squarely at addressing local issues and being agile with our extension activities.”

Dr Peter Carberry, General Manager, Applied RD&E Group, GRDC

We are moving towards a community-based approach from the current membership model, with the aim of taking GRDC on the road with more forums to be held across the regions.

We also want to create a stronger and more direct GRDC connection with a broad base of growers, advisers and researchers to help to inform investment which will help maximise farm gate profits.

To reduce duplication, we will also tap into other existing industry meetings to make the most of the time that growers already contribute to supporting RD&E.

The roll out of this new approach to the NGN is expected to take 12 months to fully transition across the regions.

How to get involved

To find out how you can participate in the NGN, visit our events page for the latest meeting details or contact a GRDC Grower Relations Manager in your region.

Southern region

Tom Blake, Grower Relations Manager – South, 0418 893 186,

Courtney Ramsey, Grower Relations Manager – South, 0428 274 018,

Randall Wilksch, Grower Relations Manager – South, 0437 769 098,

Northern region

Graeme Sandral, Grower Relations Manager – South and Central NSW, 0409 226 235,

Richard Holzknecht, Grower Relations Manager – Northern NSW and QLD, 0408 773 865,

Western region

Lizzie von Perger, Grower Relations Manager – West, 0436 665 362,

Jo Wheeler, Grower Relations Manager – West, 0438 292 167,

Rachel Asquith, Grower Relations Manager – West, 0436 665 361,