GRDC National Grower Network

The NGN is GRDC’s front door for those who want to engage with us

GRDC’s National Grower Network (NGN) refers to the community of growers and grains industry stakeholders across Australia’s growing regions whom GRDC engages directly to assist in developing locally relevant research development and extension (RD&E) investments.


The NGN was established to:

  • support meaningful engagement with grain growers
  • improve understanding of local issues
  • assist in the development of investments that are locally relevant and have on-farm impact.

The NGN helps to capture ideas, issues, constraints and opportunities for RD&E to enhance grower profitability. To achieve this, GRDC will engage with stakeholders through forums that are open to all growers, advisers, researchers and industry parties.

Engagement opportunities

NGN engagement opportunities can be categorised into two distinct formats:

  1. GRDC Grower Forums: These forums are approximately 3-4 hours and include discussion of grower issues (facilitated by GRDC’s Grower Relations Managers) and presentations addressing local issues or delivering regionally relevant research. NGN Forums may also be combined with other events, such as GRDC Grains Research Updates and field days.
  2. Industry Forums: We recognises the value of growers’ and grains industry stakeholders’ time and where possible will partner with industry stakeholders to leverage existing engagement opportunities.

For upcoming GRDC Grower Forums in your region, please visit our events page. You can subscribe to receive notifications of upcoming events.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Grower Forums or would like to be involved in an existing industry event, contact our Grower Relations Managers:

Northern region

Graeme Sandral, Grower Relations Manager – North, 0409 226 235,

Vicki Green, Grower Relations Manager– North, 0429 046 007, 

Southern region

Courtney Ramsey, Grower Relations Manager – South, 0428 274 018,

Randall Wilksch, Grower Relations Manager – South, 0437 769 098,

Tom Blake, Grower Relations Manager – South, 0418 893 186,

Western region

Jo Wheeler, Grower Relations Manager – West, 0438 292 167,

Lizzie von Perger, Grower Relations Manager – West, 0436 665 362,

NGN Opportunities and Constraints (OC) Register

The National Opportunities and Constraints (OC) Register captures all issues and constraints raised by attendees at NGN forums nationally.

The register provides a repository for priority issues raised in each subregion including background to provide context. This information is utilised to inform GRDCs investment portfolio. The register also provides a feedback summary of GRDC investment related to each of the issues.

View the national OC register.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to wait for a GRDC Grower Forum in my area to raise an issue or opportunity with GRDC?

2. What happens to the issues I raise? What does GRDC do with the information?

3. How does GRDC prioritise issues?

5. How can I find out what trials are happening in my area?

6. How can I find out about workshops, field days and activities in my region?

7. How long will it take the issue I raised to be considered?

8. How can I find out if an issue I raised is being considered for RD&E investment?

9. What does partnering with GRDC mean for industry? Who do I get in touch with?